Cloud content management

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Let us manage the content on your screens


At Kapow Network we are hardware and software agnostic. This means you can install your own network-enabled screens and leave us to plan, create and manage the content on them for you over the cloud.

Or, if you're simply looking for help and advice on how to do it yourself, and want to avoid the expensive and time-consuming pitfalls many companies fall into, we also offer consultancy here.

Make content appropriate to your audience

Whatever environment you're planning to install digital signage screens, it's very important to remember how powerful the content on them can be. Screen content can be very personalised to a region, an area or even one particular screen itself. Using a mix of common and highly localised and personal content, you can really talk to your audience in very relevant and impactful ways. 

Retail environments

Screens within retail and leisure environments or street-facing from their windows can be very powerful attention-grabbers to customers. Smart content can say one thing in the morning, another at lunch-time and change again in the evening. Weekend offers, or quick responses to unpredictable events such as the weather, can turn problems into opportunities. Imagine stormy weather triggering an offer on hot soup takeaways, train cancellations inviting customers in for a discounted coffee or a heat-wave triggering an ad for summer tee-shirts. These are smart comms that cannot be replicated in print.

Corporate environments

Imagine having the power of a TV network that you can tailor content to the audience and their needs. For example, imagine a digital screen in a warehouse - a message welcomes staff to work in the morning and reminds them to finish their safety training by the deadline. A message from HR about hygiene and safety at work, plus updates to the company benefits plan. Digital signage in the locker room thanks those workers departing at the end of the day, and showcases key stats from their shift and also displays real-time updates on weather, traffic and transport for their journey home.

Employee recognition

A fantastic use for digital communications is employee recognition. Content could include awards people have earned, or positive feeds from the company social network.

Create a corporate social responsibility channel

Improve team cohesiveness by using digital communications to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Bulletin boards, memos and announcements over the public-address system have been used for ages to communicate to employees but there was no guarantee the information was reaching the right employees at the right time. Digital communications on digital signs and video walls incorporate the best of these traditional communication channels with the best of technology. Not only can you notify people of emergencies quickly, you can communicate personalised real-time information in a manner that's efficient and often entertaining as well.

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